Academic Structure Forest Engineering

Forest Policy Department was established as “Forest Management and Forest Policy Institute” under Ankara High Agriculture Institution initially in 1934. The department was engaged with Forest Management department in 1948 after the forestry faculty conducted under Istanbul University. ”Forest Policy and Forest Management Institute” was divided as two different departments in 1964. Forest Policy department was began to work under Forest Economics department in 1981. This structure had continued until 1993 and then Forest Policy department was reconstituted. The current structure of the department was reorganized in 1997 and the name was changed as “Forest Policy and Administration Department”.

Department of Forest Policy and Administration works under Forest Engineering Division, Faculty of Forestry Istanbul University. The staff of the department consist of 1 Professor, 2 Assistant Professors and 1 Research Assistant.

The department’s study areas can be listed as: forest policy, forest administration, forest industry policy, forest policy analysis, environmental policy and administration, cross-sectoral policy impacts on forests and environment, communication and public relations, forest-community relations, forest recreation and nature-based tourism, forestry-tourism relations, nature conservation and protected areas, natural resource management, rural development, forestry history and traditional knowledge, forest education, strategic planning in forestry.

At graduate level Forest Policy and Administration Department lectures many courses at forest engineering, forest industry engineering and landscape architecture programs. Also the department offers many courses at graduate level in the context of Forest Engineering program under Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering. (For graduate courses:

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Yalçın KUVAN

“Forestry Grand School” was committed to “High Agricultural Institute” in Ankara at 1934 after being abolished in 1910 and then five institutes have been established under the authority of “High Agricultural Institute”. Initially Soil Science and Ecology Department had been situated in the Silviculture and Botany Institute, afterwards with the state of Forestry Faculty Dean dated 26.6.1943 and numbered 617 it departed from the Silviculture and Botany Institute and became an independent institute named Soil Science and Ecology Institute in 1943 with the state of High Agricultural Institute Presidency Senate. After being committed to Istanbul University, Faculty of Forestry in 1948, the Soil Science and Ecology Institute is named as Soil Science and Ecology Institute and Department. In accordance with the legislation acted in 1960 numbered 115 the foundation’s name has been Soil Science and Ecology Department. After the 1981 dated and 2547 numbered High Education Law became valid a re-organization has applied to the constitution status of universities and Watershed Management Department was committed to Soil Science and Ecology Department. After that Watershed Management Department and Soil Science and Ecology Department were subdivided into two main courses and re-constructed as individual departments. The preliminary establisher of the Soil Science and Ecology Department was Ord. Prof. Dr. Asaf IRMAK.

Investigation of forest soil generation and development in Turkey, determination of genetic and ecological characteristics of soils, appointment of principals of soil mapping and drawing soil maps, soil physics and chemistry, soil biology and microbiology, soil-plant-water relations, appointment of ecological characteristic of forests in Turkey, research on ecological demands of forest tree species, forest site characteristics mapping, landscape ecology, ecosystem studies and monitoring studies, rehabilitation and restoration of ecosystems, plant nutrition and fertilization at forestry could be accounted among the main study subjects of our department.

The employed and retired academic staff of our department consists from the people listed below: Ord. Prof. Dr. Asaf IRMAK (1927-1975), Prof. Dr. Mehmet SEVİM (1942-1964), Prof. Dr. Faik GÜLÇUR (1945-1978), Prof. Dr. Necmettin ÇEPEL (1953-1995), İ. Hakkı TUNÇKALE (1957-1965), Prof. Dr. Volkan ŞÖLEN (1961-1983), Prof. Dr. H. Zeki KALAY (1968-1972), Prof. Dr. Münir DÜNDAR (1974-1998), Prof. Dr. M. Doğan KANTARCI (1966-2006). The academic staff who studied and changed his/her foundation/institute are: Prof. Dr. Ertan ERUZ (1973-1998), Res. Asst. K. Selim GÖNENSİN (1991-1995), Res. Asst. Beril KAYAÖZ (1997-2000), Res. Asst. Murat SARGINCI (2008-2009) and Res. Asst. Meriç ÇAKIR (2007-2013).

Istanbul Higher Forest Academy was established as a faculty in Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute in 1934 and various institutes were established in the Faculty of Forestry and the Institute of Geodesy was established among other institutes. The first two academic years of study were carried out at the Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute and the last two academic years were in the Faculty of Forestry in Istanbul and after 1950 the Institute of Higher Agriculture and the Faculty of Forestry became affiliated with Istanbul University.

A period of “Department of Geodesy” has remained without a manager for a long time and was left to the directorate of “Construction Institute” and then, the common need on Department of Geodesy was merged with the Construction Institute.

But in a way also a multitude of construction disciplines on the stand, on the other hand, showing great improvements in recent years to the branch of Geodesy and Photogrammetry to a large extent in our profession to find the addition of the area of application of this branch in charge by reason of the fact that staff are trained and finally the Department of Geodesy separated from the department who received the name Forest Business Building and it has been established as an independent department under the name of “Geodesy and Photogrammetry Department” with its current shape. In 1981, after a short period of unification as Forestry Construction, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Department, in 1987 it became an independent department of education and became “Surveying and Cadastre Department”.

Areas of specialization in Surveying and Cadastre Department; As methods of collecting information and providing data to the system under the framework of Geographical Information Systems (GIS);

- Terrestrial Measurements
- Photogrammetry (Photocopy Photogrammetry) and Photointerpretation
- Remote Sensing continues education and research activities in the fields national and international levels with the support of contemporary, technological facilities.

Retired staff who have worked in the Surveying and Cadastre Department are; Prof. Dr. Prof. Kemal ERKİN (1944-1980), Prof.Dr. Dr. Tahsin TOKMANOĞLU (1955-1989), Prof.Dr. Dr. Alparslan AKÇA (1971-1977) Prof.Dr. Dr. Kadir ERDİN (1970-2014).

Istanbul Higher Forest School was established as a faculty of Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute in 1934 and the Forestry Engineering Institute was established in 1938. The courses and practices of Forest Roads was carried out by Prof. Dr. Pfeferkorn (German) between 1937 and 1938. After 1938, Forest Roads course, and after 1940 Torrent Control course started to give by assistant Dr. Faik Tavşanoğlu. The name of the institute was changed to “Forest Construction Institute” in 1943 and to “Forest Administration Construction Institute” in 1949.

Some courses of the institute given by lecturers from other institutions until 1960’s are: Basic Knowledge of Forest Construction and Transportation by Eng. Daniş Koper (M Sc) between 1940 and 1947, Construction Knowledge by Prof. Dr. Necati Engez (Istanbul Higher School of Engineering) between 1940 and 1947, Construction Knowledge, and Construction Transport Basic Knowledge courses by Eng. Orhan Günsoy (M Sc) (Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts) between 1953-1962. These courses were started to give by the members of Forest Administration Construction Institute Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzunsoy and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Necati Özçelik after 1963.

Forest Administration Construction Department was united with the Geodesy and Photogrammetry Department in 1982 and was named as “Forest Construction, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Department” according to Higher Education Law. The department was divided into two again in 1993 and they were named as “Forest Construction and Transportation Department” and “Geodesy and Photogrammetry Department”.

Forest Construction and Transportation Department aims to plan, choose, administrate and maintain the facilities providing the most suitable and economical methods of logging and transportation of forest products to the industrial and consumer centers in the context of the operationalize the forests. Department also aims to choose and plan of structures controlling torrents and avalanches, to plan irrigation and drainage facilities. The approach of the department includes basic engineering subjects and structures that are necessary for the protection and use of environment and natural resources in a broader sense.

The subjects of the department are: planning of forest road network, logging and transportation of forest products, forest skyline and mechanization, forest road construction and maintenance, drainage structures, construction and material, cost assessment, construction site technique and applications, torrent and avalanche control, torrent and avalanche control structures, technical drawing, landscape structures, landscape reclamation techniques and irrigation design.

Lecturers of the department of Forest Construction and Transportation Prof. Dr. Faik Tavşanoğlu (1933-1978), Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzunsoy (1946-1988), Prof. Dr. Necati Özçelik (1950-1988), Prof. Dr. Dr. Selçuk Bayoğlu (1954-1997), Prof. Dr. Turgay Aykut (1963-2005), Prof. Dr. Ö. Bülend Seçkin (1968-2006) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Ertuğrul Görcelioğlu (1969-2006) have left due to retirement. Research assistant Cafer Selik (1993-1996) died while he was on duty and Abdurrahim AYDIN (2000-2007) went to another institution. There are currently 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors and 1 research assistant at the department.

 Chair : Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Emrullah ÇELİK

The department was established as Forest Yield and Economics institution in Ankara High Agricultural institution in 1934. Its first director was Prof. Dr. K. Fritsche from Germany. In 1938, Dr. Alexis Chenchine from Yugoslavia and in 1942 Prof. Dr. Ö. Fehim Fırat from Turkey were appointed to the institution directorship. Prof. Dr. Ö. Fehim Fırat executed the chairmanship of this institution up to 1977 with the same name in which the term “institution” was canceled in 1961. The base of the present department was founded in 1977 through the process of that the chair by developing and growing was devided into three discrete chairs as Forest Yield and Biometry, Forestry Economics and Forestry Law. After the retirement of Prof. Dr. Ö. Fehim Fırat, in 1978, who had occupied the chairmanship of the chair since 1977, Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Kalıpsız who had undertaken the mission of the charmanship sustained this mission up to 1982. The Chair was associated with the Forest Management Department being abolished by the new arragement made in 1982 in accordance with High Education Law numbered 2547, but in 1996 the High Education Board approved this department to be separated into two discrete departments as “Forest Yield and Biometry” and “Forest Management”.

 Upon this, Prof. Dr. Tahsin Akalp was appointed to the chairmanship of the department. After Prof. Dr. Tahsin Akalp was appointed to the dean mission, the mission of the chairmanship was executed by Prof. Dr. Ömer Saraçoğlu from 2005 to 2012. After Assist.Prof.Dr. Eyyüp ATICI was appointed to the chairmanship of the department in March 2012, because of his death in the month October of the same year, the mission of the chirmanship has been executed by Assist.Prof.Dr. Ersel YILMAZ since that time.

The training-education objectives of Forest Yield and Biometry deparment are to identify the yield capacity of forest stands obtained through whether artificial or natural ways and know the effect of various technical measures and environmental factors on increment and growth; to determine the growth and yield of forest products found in forest ecosystem as a single tree and forest stand; or to measure them in marketing stage after harvesting or processing and to find reliable solutions to problems issued through collecting data in a planned and systematic way, analyzing and explaining them using modern tools, requisites and computation techniques. The scientists worked in the Forest Yield and Biometry department and retired are late Prof. Dr. Ö. Fehim FIRAT (1929-1978), late Prof. Dr. Muharrem MİRABOĞLU (1946-1983), late Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir KALIPSIZ (1950-1991), Prof. Dr. Tahsin AKALP (1968-2011), Prof. Dr. Ömer SARAÇOĞLU (1978-2012) and late Assist.Prof.Dr. Eyyüp ATICI (1990-2012). Prof. Dr. H. Alptekin GÜNEL (1963-1983), Assistant İsmail KAYA (1980-1985), Prof. Dr. İsmet DAŞDEMİR (1985-1987), Prof. Dr. Özden GÖRÜCÜ (1987-1989), Dr. Neşat ERKAN (1988-1989) and Prof. Dr. Serdar CARUS (1990-2001) also worked in the department and later left the faculty in order to work in other institutions.

The head of department: Assist.Prof.Dr. Ersel YILMAZ

The Unit of Forest Management and Planning, started its activity as one of the five institutes established in the year under the name of “Institute of Forest Policy and Forest Management” after the establishment of the Higher Forest Academy in 1857 by Ankara Higher Agricultural Institute in 1934. The management and training activities of the unit were carried out between 1934-1936 by Mazhar DİKER, between 1937-1939 by German Professor PFEFFERKORN and again by Mazhar DİKER between 1940-1948. In 1948, upon the connection of the Faculty of Forestry to Istanbul University, the name of the Institute was changed to “Forest Policy and Forest Management Institute and Chair”. The management of the unit in between 1948-1952, were carried out by Mazhar DİKER, then was fulfilled by Şeref Nuri İLKMEN and Fikret SAATCİOĞLU between 1952-1964 and then by Selahattin İNAL. The task of İNAL has come to end in 1964, when the Forest Policy and Forest Management Institute and Council were separated into two separate branches: Department of Forest Policy and Administration – Department of Forest Management and Planning. Department of Forest Management and Planning which became independent in 1964, was directed by İsmail ERASLAN between 1964 – 1985 . In accordance with the Higher Education Law No. 2547, the unit was continued its activity under the section of Forest Engineering with the title of Forest Management and Planning, while the former Unit of Forest Yield and Biometry was connected to this department at the same year (1982). In 1996, this union was split into two independent department and continued their activities as before. The department was directed by Abdulkadir KALIPSIZ between 1985-1991, by Hüseyin Cahit ŞAT between 1992-1996 and by Ünal ASAN between 1997-2013. Ahmet YEŞİL is the current president of the department since 2013.

Topics that including studies in the department of Forest Management and Planning are; inventory and functional planning of forests and urban forests, inventory of forest resources in local, regional and national terms; Planning of these resources according to national, regional and local objectives; determining spatial forest functions; Measurement and monitoring of carbon sequestration, oxygen production and dust holding capacities of forests; Optimization of production and utilization; Monitoring and supervising plan applications; Applying of the intermediate revision; Evaluation of application results; Renewal of plans that are overdue.

Instructors who have worked and seperated by retirement and other reasons in the Department of Forest Management and Planning: Prof. Dr. İsmail ERASLAN (1948-1985), Prof. Dr. Bekir Sıtkı EVCİMEN (1956-1979), Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir KALIPSIZ (1985-1991), Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Cahit ŞAT (1964-2006), Prof. Dr. Ünal ASAN(1979-2013), Res. Assist. Sabahattin BİLGE (1988-1990) and Res. Assist. Ebru KIZIL (1995-1999). Forest Management and Planning Department is continuing education, teaching and research activities with the six instructors in the subjects listed above.

The Head of Department: Prof.Dr.Ahmet YEŞİL

Our department is interested in four main subjects related to the forests that include entomology, forest fires and protection, phytopathology and wildlife. While entomology focuses on pest insects especially on forests, wood and non-wood products. Phytopathology researches about fungal, bacterial and viral diseases. It is important to sustain our forestry for the next generations. Because of that, our forests’ protection from the forest fire or wildfire is another scope of our department. In addition, wildlife resources, biological diversity and abundance are some of the services of the nature. So that in our department we research on these subjects that are related to biological diversity, endangered species, habitat protection and conservation.

Forest entomology course had been given as named with “Pest Insects” in College School of Forestry (Orman Mektebi Ali’si) in 1910. The course had been combined with “game animals” and the name of lesson had changed “Game animals and pests” that had been taught by Asaf bey. Then the course had been taught by Sureyya OZEK, Munip bey, Esat Muhlis OKSAL, Prof. Hovasse and Nevzat TUZDIL respectively. Forest protection course had been given first in 1916-1917 as named with “The protection of forests”. The lesson was removed from the course list for a while. Then between 1923 – 1937 the lesson had started to be taught by Tevfik Ali CINAR and Esat Muhlis OKSAL.

In 1934, Forest High School had been added to Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute. In 1937 Prof. Dr. Erwin SCHMITSCHEK had been invited to establish Institute of Forest Entomology and Forest Protection by the government and Prof. Dr. Abdulgafur ACATAY had been appointed as assistant of the director for that institute. Prof. SCHMITSCHEK had arranged many scientific trips to determine pest insects of Turkey forests and he had contributed to development of the institute significantly in accordance with modern forestry principles. After Prof. SCHMITSCHEK was back to the Austria, Prof. Dr. Abdulgafur ACATAY had been appointed as the director of the Institute. Ankara Agriculture Higher Agriculture Institute had been closed in 1948. Instead of that institute, Faculty of the Forestry had been established and joined to the Istanbul University. The institute of forest entomology and protection had changed as a department of forestry faculty and named “the Chair of Forest Entomology and Protection”. the numbered 2547 law was legislated in 1981. According to that law the name of the chair of forest entomology and protection changed “Forest Entomology and Protection Department”.

Until today, Prof. Dr. Erwin SCHMITSCHEK (1937-1939), Prof.Dr. Abdulgafur ACATAY (1937-1973), Doç.Dr. Mesut Ömer DEFNE (1943-1955), Prof.Dr. Refik ERDEM (1945-1981), Prof.Dr. Hasan ÇANAKÇIOĞLU (1954-1992), Prof.Dr. Refik BAŞ (1959-1996), Prof.Dr. Torul MOL (1966-2007), Prof.Dr. Erdal SELMI (1971-2013) and Prof.Dr. R.Tamer OYMEN (1974-2013) had given important contributions. Currently, our department has four associate professors, 3 assistant professors, an assistant and a biologist.

Following the abolition of the Forestry High School in 1934 and establishment of Forestry Faculty under Ankara Agriculture High Institute, Silviculture and Botany Institude was established under the faculty and the department contained Silviculture, Botany and Soil Science. The Institute was directed by Distinguished Professor Esat Muhlis OKSAL from 1933 to 1937. Silviculture lectures were given by Prof. Tschermark who came from Austria from 1937 to 1938, and lectures were assisted by Assoc. Prof. Asaf IRMAK and Chef Assistant Dr. Fikret SAATÇİOĞLU. Then, Silviculture lectures and practices were instructed by Prof. Dr. Esat Muhlis OKSAL and Prof. Dr. SAATÇİOĞLU at different periods.

After the Faculty of Forestry joined to the Istanbul University in 1948, departments were changed and Silviculture Department seperated from Botany. Following the 2547 number Higher Education Law, Silviculture department had Silviculture and Reforestation, Forest Botany and Park and Landscape Architecture Divisions. Later, Forest Botany and Landscape Architecture divisions seperated as an individual departments.

The main subjects that are involved in the Silviculture Department consist of Silvics, Natural Regeneration, Plant Sociology, Forest Tending, Silvicultural Planning, Seeds of Forest Trees, Nursery Techniques, Reforestation, Forest Genetic and Tree Breeding, Fast Growing Species and Industrial Plantations, Rural Landscape, Urban Forestry, High Mountain Silviculture, Propagation of Outdoor and Indoor Ornamental Plants.

Department staff who have retired from the Department of Silviculture are Prof.Dr. Fikret Saatçioğlu (1935-1980), Prof. Dr. Besalet Pamay (1947-1968), Prof. Dr. İbrahim Atay (1950-1992), Prof. Dr. Suad Ürgenç (1956-1993), Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Aksoy (1966-2000), Prof. Dr. Tolgay Odabaşı (1961-2002), Prof. Dr. Melih BOYDAK (1964-2010) and Prof.Dr. H. Ferhat BOZKUŞ (1975-2015). Ass. Prof.Dr. Mehmet Çalıkoğlu worked from 1994-2007 and Research Assistant Ali Kavgacı worked from 1999-2005 and then changed over to another institute. At present 4 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professor and 1 Research Assistant are working in the Department of Silviculture.

The Department of Watershed Management, formerly known as Department of Forestry Geography and Neareast Forestry Institute, was established in 1952 in Faculty of Forestry at Istanbul University. Currently, the Department of Watershed Management is the oldest department among the Departments of Watershed Management in Turkey with a long research history and rich academic stuff, laboratory and research field facilities. In the early years of the department, scientists from the department studied mostly soil and water conservation in semiarid regions of the country but diversity of research areas increased after 1970’s in relation to populace demand and environmental problems appeared on global and local scales such as climate change, water shortage, poverty, and land degradation. There are a variety of research topics that scientists from the department study including forest and rangeland hydrology, effect of climate change on soils, water and vegetation resources, rangeland ecology and management, soil erosion, soil and water conservation, land use and classification, snow hydrology, forest-water interaction etc. The department has own experimental research station composed of three watersheds equipped with two 90° and 120° concrete sharp-crested V-notch weirs including automatic water level recording systems and meteorological weather station in Ortadere of Belgrad Forest where a long term project has been started since late 1970’s and is still under investigation (41°13′00′′– 41°14′13′′ N latitude, 28°54′25′′-28°56′37′′ E longitude). Researchers from the department have been investigating effects of forestry activities on water quality and quantity and aquatic fauna in these experimental watersheds. Paired watershed methodology has been used in those experimental watershed for this long term study project older than 35 years and transpiration measurements have been made for different tree species first time in Turkey by the Department of Watershed Management. Results of these studies can be found in some well-respected scientific journals.

Department of Forest Engineering

Department of Forest Engineering has aimed to educate their graduates equipping them with knowledge and skills about protection and running of country forests, increasing the number of forests, preventing erosion, making people benefit from products and services of forest, organizing society-forest relations, protection of natural life of our country, inventory of forests and its planning. With this aim, it has raised thousands of Forest Engineers for our country.

Forest Engineers can work at center and rural organizations of General Directorate of Forestry, General Management of Afforestation and Erosion Control, General Management of Forest and Village Relations, General Management of Nature Protection and National Parks. Furthermore, they can find jobs within the body of state institutions and organizations such as Research Institutions, Municipalities, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works or plantations which belong to private sectors, import and export firms and various sectors similar to these.

The accreditation process of department of Forest Engineering undergraduate program started on January 23th, 2013 with the application to MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs). The process continued upon the acceptance of Self-Assessment report presented on July 29th, 2013 and it was completed successfully after the institution visit of Team MÜDEK on March 09-11th, 2014. Following this process, all the lists of programs which were accredited by MÜDEK from the year 2014, were published by being updated on July 1st, 2014. According to this, our Faculty of Forest Engineering Department was accredited by MÜDEK.

Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK) is an independent establishment which works with the aim of contributing to enhance the quality of engineering education in Turkey by making evaluation, information and accreditation studies for various engineering education programs in our country. MÜDEK was given the authority by ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) on January 1st, 2009, to give EUR-ACE Label to the engineering programs which will be accredited. Besides, MÜDEK became a full member (Full Member Signatory) of IEA-Washington Accord on June 15th, 2012.

Thanks to this accreditation process, Istanbul University Forest Engineering Undergraduate Program has become the first program which was given accreditation among the other equivalent programs that give education in Turkey. Furthermore, it is also the first program which has been accredited among Engineering Programs within the body of Istanbul University.

The accreditation which was provided by MÜDEK, is valid between May 1st, 2014 and September 30th, 2016. Click for MÜDEK accreditation link.


“Educating Forest Engineers who will provide administration, management and control of forest, environment and other related natural sources in accordance with sustainability and versatile utilization policies and ecosystem approach and constitution and improvement of social consciousness.” 

Educational Purposes of Forest Engineering Department Undergraduate Program:

Education Purposes of Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry Undergraduate Program are arranged and given below (Verdict of Forest Engineering Department Council, April 29th, 2015 and verdict of Faculty Council, June 30th, 2015):

To educate forest engineers who:

-are able to make plans about management of forest resources, solve the problems about protection and sustainability of forest ecosystem, accomplish works which are about determining and running of forest areas and functions, providing products and services which society needs,

-are able to pursue technical and professional developments related to their department, have good communicative skills, take part in group works actively, take responsibility as leader, work in public, private and civil society institutions as consulter, administrator and business manager in fields  which are related to their occupation,

-are willing to participate in works which are about pioneer scientific research, development and innovations.


Education Purposes of Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry Undergraduate Program are arranged and given below (Outcomes of Istanbul University Forest Engineering Department have been updated in consequence of MÜDEK’s evaluation criteria of Engineering Undergraduate Programs on 23.12.2014 also; after Forest Engineering Department Academic Council meetings on 25.05.2015 – 24.06.2015, Department -19.06.2015 and Faculty Council meetings 30.06.2015):

-Sufficient knowledge about topics which are related to the disciplines of math, science and Forest Engineering; and ability to make use of practical and theoretical knowledge about these fields in solving complicated engineering problems.

-Ability to determine, define, formulate and solve complicated engineering problems; to this end, to select and implement suitable analysis and modeling methods.

-Ability to design a complicated system, process, device or product under the realistic constraints and circumstances in a way which will provide some necessities; to this end ability to implement modern design technique.

-Ability to develop, select and make use of necessary modern techniques and tools in order to solve and analyze complicated problems which are experienced in engineering implementations; ability to use Information Technologies effectively.

-Ability to design an experiment, conduct an experimentation, collect data, analyze and discuss them in order to examine complicated engineering problems or related research subjects peculiar to the discipline.

-Ability to work efficiently both individually and in groups which focus on subjects that are related to the field and other several fields.

-Written and oral communication skills in Turkish; knowing at least one foreign language, ability to write efficient reports and comprehend written reports, ability to prepare production and design report, ability to make efficient presentation, skills of getting and giving explicit, intelligible instructions

-Awareness of life-long learning necessity, abilities to access information, to pursue technological and scientific advancements and to improve himself continuously.

-Knowledge about standards which are used in Forest Engineering implementation, appropriate attitudes for ethical principles, occupation and ethic responsibility awareness.

-Knowledge about implementations in business life such as project management, risk management and innovation management; awareness of innovativeness and entrepreneurship; information about sustainable development.

-Knowledge about impacts of Implementations of Engineering on environment, health and safety at social and international levels, information about issues which can be seen in engineering field of era; awareness about legal results of engineering solutions.


“To be a department which carries out research studies in the field of forestry at national and international levels and to be a pioneer in education.”

Department of Forestry Economics was established as an Institute on Forest Yield and Economics of Forest Enterprises at 1934. First director of the Institute was Professor Dr. Fritzsche. Depending of the developments in the structures of faculties, universities and higher education of Turkey, the title and components of the Institute have been changed in time. Working areas on Forest Yield, Forestry Policy and Law were separated from Institute and specific departments were established.

Instructors who have served in the department so far are Prof. Dr. Fritzsche (1934-1937), Prof. Dr. Alexis Chenchine 1937-1942, Prof. Dr. Şeref Nuri İlkmen (1934-1973), Prof. Dr. Fehim Fırat (1929-1977), Prof. Dr. Muharrem Miraboğlu (1946-1983), Prof. Dr. İlhan Gülen (1950-1992), Prof. Dr. Uçkun Geray (1967-2006) ve Prof. Dr. Ahmet Türker (1979-2015), Dr. Mahir Fisunoğlu (1978-1984) ve Dr. Sacit Koçer (1984-1987).

The scientific interest of the Department called as Forestry Economics since 1993 focused to produce knowledge based on economics and business administration deal with forest resources sustainable management and education programs of Faculty of Forestry. In this context, the syllabus of courses of Forest Engineering Program, Forest Industry Engineering Program, and Landscape Architecture Program of the Faculty can be accessed by using the link under the programs.

The Master of Science and PhD studies of Department of Forestry Economics have been conducted under the program called as Department of Forest Engineering in the Institute of Graduate Studies and Engineering of İstanbul University. Candidates of these programs must visit the website of the Institute to learn the rules and conditions for acceptance and to reach the content of the courses.

The current projects implementing by the staff of the Department are listed below. The former projects and publications can be reached from the personnel web pages.

Title of the Projects - -        ----    Project Team

Department of Environmental and Forestry Law was established in 1977 by the decision of the Senate of Istanbul University based on the law Number 1750 as a result of the disintegration of forest mensuration and Management Economy department in Forest Mensuration and Biometry , Forest Economy and Forest Law D departments. By Prof. Dr. Hayri BAYRAKTAROĞLU in the name of Forestry Law and in 2008, altering the department’s name as Department of Environment and Forest Law, it enlarged its field of studies and continued to carry out its academic studies.
The names of the retired academic staff are Prof. Dr. Şeref Nuri İlmen (1934-1973) Hayri Bayraktaroğlu (1948-19889 AND Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Acun ( 1970 -1999)
Department of Environment and Forest Law whose academic staff is a graduate of Faculty of Law besides the Department of Foreign Engineering continues to conduct its academic studies with 5 academic staff which are. 3 professors, 1 associated professor, 1 assistant professor and 1 assistant.
The basic fields of study within the scope of the department are the legal bases of Forest Property, the crimes on Forestry, Permission and Servitudes of Forest Benefiting, the legal bases of Forest Management, Forest Cadasters and the legal bases of Deforestation. The Legal Bases of Saving the Nature and Biologic Diversification, Environmental Law, Law of Hunting and Wildlife, National and International environmental and Forestry Procedures, Law of Natural Resources, the Law of Land and The Law of Water.
The Upper Secondary, Graduate and Post graduate lectures provided by the Department Academic Staff are as follows:

Upper Secondary
Hunting and Wildlife Procedures (Compulsory)
Business Law (Compulsory)
Forest Engineering Department
Forestry Law (Compulsory)
Forest Crimes (Optional)
Hunting and Wildlife Law (Optional)
Environment and Water Law (Optional)
Forest Management and Managing Law (Optional)
Vocational Law (Optional)
Landscape Architecture Department
Enviromental and Zoning Law (Compulsory)
Forest Industrial Engineering Department
Business Law (Optional)
Commercial Law (Optional)
Lectures conducted in other Faculty and Universities with 2547 40/a Nomination
Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering
Business Law
Istanbul University Faculty of Distance Education
Disaster Law
Istanbul University Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering
Environmental Law
Istanbul University Institute of Science Post Graduate Lectures
Post Graduate Lectures
Forest Cadastres Law
Deforestration Transaction
Business and Social Security Law
Natioanal Resources Law
Forage Law
Legal Environmental Effect Assessment Process
Permissions Provided In the State Forests
Free Forestry Principals
Environmental Protection Law
Phd Doctorate Lectures
Forest Property Disagreements
Comparative Forestry Law
International Environment and Forest Procedures.
The Legal Principles of Benefiting the Forests in Turkey
The Follow Up of Forest Crımes

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Sedat Ayanoğlu

Faculty of Forestry under Ankara Agriculture Institute was founded in 1934, after abrogating Forest Collage. In this faculty, Institute of Forest Botany and Silviculture, which consist of forest botany, silviculture and soil science departments, was directed by Ord. Prof. Dr. Esat Muhlis Oksal. Botany lectures had been given by this Institute until 1948. Faculty of Forestry joined to Istanbul University in 1948, when Forest Botany and Silviculture Intitute separated to two different institutes as Forest Botany and Silviculture. Institute of Forest Botany had been directed by Ord. Prof. Dr. Esat Muhlis Oksal until his retirement in 1957. Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Kayacık was the director after him. Forest Botany joined to Silviculture Department in November 6, 1981. Finally, Forest Botany Department was founded in 1993. Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Kayacık and Prof. Dr. Faik Yaltırık had an applaudable effort on setting up ISTO Herbarium and Atatürk Arboretum, and their development. Prof. Dr. Asuman Efe, who passed away in a terrible traffic accident in 2010, had also a great effort on development of ISTO Herbarium. Basic topics of Forest Botany Department are General Botany, Plant Physiology, Dendrology (Gymnospermae and Angiospermae), Herbaceus Plant Systematic, Plant Morphology, Palynology, Dendrochronology, Wood Anatomy and Genetics.