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Department of Landscape Architecture

Destruction of natural resources which arose due to changing environmental factors of urban and rural areas, revealed importance of making decisions about planning attentively. This situation has led to an interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues. Therefore, Landscape architecture Department was founded with an intent of educating qualified staff for a comprehensive education in the field of ecology, design, architecture and behavioral science within the Landscape Architecture and about environmental design planning principles. The department was founded as the newest department of our Faculty, in 1985.

Graduates of Landscape Architecture have knowledge and skills about environment arrangement and land planning works in both urban and rural areas. They can work as a landscape architecture in Parks and Gardens of Directorate, architecture offices, construction companies, landscape offices, private plantations or they can run their own business.


“To contribute to science and art with the aim of planning and protecting natural assets in cultural domains, settlements and around them in a sustainable way of awareness; to educate distinctive landscape architectures who have technical and esthetic background and who lead to social awareness and consciousness.”


“To be leader in education and research having strong connections and corporate relations with the world of science, art and technology”

Department of Landscape Techniques is one of tthree departments in Undergraduate Program of Landscape Architecture and established in 1993.

Department of Landscape Techniques focuses on physical planning studies to fulfill requirements of public units as district, quarter and region; targets developments in the planning process which contain city, region, transportation, recreation, agricultural subjects and include detail and practices.

Main study areas are Architectural Science, Perspective and Modelling Techniques, Project III, Material science, Landscape Construction, Green Roofs, Landscape Detail Design, Landscape Analysis and Assessment, Presentation Techniques and Historical Site Design.

Some of the Courses and the practicals… 


The Course’s  purpose ist o give an information about general konsept in perspektive and model making techniques, kinds of perspektives, the important role of perspektif presentations and uses in landscape architecture..

The Course concludes general definitions, design geometry and projections, kinds of perspectives, light and shadow, model making techniques, materials and their applications , as the subjects.

Some examples are being showed in visualizations….


The Course’s  purpose is  to give basis for arrangement in a park; improve the ability of designing, production of the original section and the details of the project area.

In this context, City Park with a general overview of the planning area, survey studies, the concept approaches, giving the field usage decision  in 1/200 scale landscaping project preparation, 1/200 scale landscaping project work, sections, 1/200 scale plant design Landscape Project, sections, lighting and urban furniture designs are being prepared.

Some examples are being showed in visualizations….

Department of Landscape Planning and Design was established due to the decision of constituting departments taken by the Landscape Architecture Program in 1993.

Department of Landscape Planning and Design conducts studies on landscape planning and design in urban and rural areas in various extents from residential gardens to regional scale. The courses given by the department within the scope of basic topics mentioned above are; Introduction to Landscape Architecture, History of Landscape Architecture, Basic Elements of Landscape Design, Project I (Landscape Design in Residential Gardens), Project II (Landscape Design in Mass Housing Areas), Urban and Regional Planning, Project IV (Design of Coastal Parks), Project V (Landscape Planning Studies in Various Areas), Campgrounds Planning, User Behaviour, Visual Assessment, and Park, Garden and Landscape Architecture.

Teaching Staff worked in the Department of Landscape Planning and Design and, who are retired now, are Prof.Dr. Yalçın ÖZGEN (1983-2006) and Prof. Dr. Öznur Bülend SEÇKIN (2004-2006). Today 1 Professor, 4 Assistant Professors and 4 Research Assistants are working in our department.

Head of Department: Tevfik Hakan ALTINÇEKİÇ